Family Matters

Agape Counseling Services of West Texas proudly presents its 2nd Annual Family Matters Seminar. Please join us for a morning of complimentary conversations designed to strengthen you and your family.

The morning will begin at 9:00 AM with our first round of seminars. A second round of seminars begins at 10:30 AM. From our multiple seminar topics listed below, please pick only one for each time slot. Your options are:

Working Through Infertility; Dealing With Gender Identity; Protecting Your Family From Social Media & Pornography; Surviving the Sandwich Generation; Analyzing and Apprehending Dangerous Teen Behavior (for parents); Analyzing Dangerous Teen Behavior 2.0 (for teens); Managing Your Grief; Disarming PTSD; Reviving Your Marriage; and Getting Rid of Anxiety & Depression (this session is offered only at 9:00 AM).

Following our seminars, we will host a luncheon at which our keynote speaker, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Biola University, Dr. J.P. Moreland, will encourage all participants with a presentation entitled “Why Americans Aren’t Happy And What Can Be Done About It.”

Although all events are free to the public you MUST preregisgter for the luncheon, as well as pre-registering for any seminars you might like to attend.

Attendees must also pre-register their children in order to utilize the complimentary childcare provided that morning.

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